Datalya is a modern and simple database manager for Windows. It was referred internally as "Project Discherising". When we created Datalya, the goal was to unify all three "Gestion" softwares (GestioBiblio X Basic, GestionBiblio X Ultra, GestionPerso X) in one. Then, we thought that we'll enlarge the possibilities not only to books and people, but to everything, so Datalya would be a universal Database creator and manager. This where the concept of "Blocks" emerged: The user will be able to easilly add Blocks to create a database. This project is one of our most complex project ever, and to make what Datalya currently looks like, we had push the boundaries as far as we could.

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Open Source

Datalya is Open-Source, it means that the code is available to everyone. It also means that you can contribute to improve Datalya, by ether reporting issues, or by contributing directly to the codebase. Datalya's code is available on GitHub.

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